Guillermo Marigliano musician, guitarist, composer and arranger, leads his artistic project "Guillermo Marigliano Grup" for 15 years with four cd recorded and edited (Hora Cero, BopCity, Watercolor and Parallel Reality.) As a sessionist he partici-pated in recordings for other artists of different record labels.

Made concerts and tours, forming part of International Jazz Festivals and other music in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay and Belgium, always the performance of the group is through original compositions by Guillermo Marigliano, a mixture of Argentine music with jazz and fusion. With studies in Argentina and Brazil, teaching is a very important part of my work, since 2008 I teach at the ITMC (Technological Institute of Contemporary Music) in the chairs of Improvisation, Chord Melody and Jazz Harmony. He also conducts clinics and guitar workshops during concert tours, which are also part of festival activities. Director of the Musical Comedy "Yo No Soy Amy" a musical with two seasons at the Maipo Theater, one of the most im-portant theaters in the city of Buenos Aires and the genre with almost 100 years old. The Musical was nominated in 2016 for two "HUGO" awards.

For cinema he composed the music of the short documental "12000 Nights de Jazz", awarded in the festival of Havana (Cuba) and Triste (Italy), and the music of the film "The Jazz Is Like the Bananas" to be premiered in cinemas in 2018 Columnist of the only graphic edition in Argentina and distributed in Latin America of the magazine "Guitarristas y" since 2016. He wrote two teaching books edited by the Ellisound publisher that distributes in Argenti-na and Latin America. In 2019 a third book on advanced modal improvisation will be published.

In March 2013 he was invited to participate in the II International JAZZ Festival of Arme-nia, Colombia, organized by the University of Quindio and the local headquarters of the French Alliance. In April 2013 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship declared a high artistic and cultural interest in the festivals of Jazz from abroad, for this reason is in-vited again in 2014 to close the III Jazz Festival, in addition to a cycle of clinics and workshops at the University of Quindio. At the end of 2013, the commission of protection and promotion of the cafes, bars, billiards and notable confectioneries of the city of Buenos Aires, chose Guillermo Marigliano to include it in the 2014 and 2015 programming of the "Music in the Notable Bars" cycle.

In September 2014 he toured Belgica, invited by the culture department of the embassy of Brussels, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Julio Cortazar, giving at the Mercellis Theater in the commune of Ixelles where he was born. writer the "Concert for the Persecutor", work composed especially by G. Marigliano for this occasion and executed by his quartet. This same tour took him to close the international festival of Mechelen in the city of Malinas, as well as other concerts in other cities. Recently in July 2018 he toured twelve concerts and four master classes in Colombia, touring the cities of Armenia, Seville, Quimbaya, Tebaida, Montenegro, Bogota, Circasia, Pereira, Cartago and Caicedonia.

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